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Consent to the collection and processing of personal data

In order to ensure the correct and stable operation of the application and the site, we need to obtain some personal user data. We do not transfer personalized information to third parties and organizations. Anonymous statistical information may be available for third-party analytics services (Google analytics, etc.). In order to use our services, you must give us permission to collect, process, analyze, modify, store and use your personal data as part of marketing campaigns, including:

Information necessary for the correct operation of the application:
  • Bound contact details. (Email, Phone Number)
  • Full IP address of the user.
  • Country of registration of the user's IP address.
  • Local storage data. To improve usability, the client application records and processes service information, such as authorization tokens, language preferences, last viewed content, profile id (set of user settings for a specific device), etc.
  • Unique identifier (ID) of the client.
  • Transaction history of a client personal account. (Replenishment of the user account and debiting funds from it for the services received)
Anonymous statistical information:
  • Application Partition Usage Statistics.
  • The platform on which the application is running.
  • Screen size of the user device.
Optional information that affects usability:
  • Username / nickname.
  • The name of the current profile.
  • Custom datasets. (List of favorites, list of blocked channels)
Customer Support Information
  • Mac address of the device. (If available)
  • The serial number of the device. (If available)